How Can Asahi’s CleanPrint Help You? | Part 3: Folding Carton Edition

It’s no secret among printers that recycled board is not always a print-friendly substrate. Uneven surfaces, material porosity and color variations are just a few of the challenges presented by recycled substrates. So how do folding carton printers get around it? Typically the answer is to run the presses at slower speeds and increase the […]

The Top 3 Reasons for Shrink Sleeve Label Growth

Ask any label printer worth his salt what segment of the industry is poised for growth, and they’ll have two words for you: shrink sleeves. Shrink sleeve labeling is experiencing a period of sustained growth that is not expected to slow down in the foreseeable future. According to a recent survey conducted by the TLMI, […]

What’s so special about Asahi photopolymer plates? We caught up with our Wikoff Graphics market manager to find out.

Wikoff Graphics is expanding on Wikoff Color’s vision of providing best-in-class products and unrivaled local support since 1956—adding a new product line of high performance photopolymer plates, processing equipment and imaging software. After careful consideration and research, Wikoff Graphics has assembled a team of partners to enhance our product and service offering. Asahi Photoproducts’ plate […]

Bolt-On Inkjet Units

How Bolt-On Inkjet Units offer a Solution for Printers Looking to Take the Leap into the Digital Printing World Digital Printing Benefits Members of the printing industry are aware that digital printing technology offers significant benefits in a variety of applications, allowing for mass customization, product tracking and faster than ever turnaround times. These benefits […]

Wikoff Color Corporation Offers Gelflex EB Flexo Products, the Next Big Thing in Packaging

EB Flexo technology is the next big thing in packaging, offering the superior performance properties of energy-cure systems with a more sustainable footprint. Since signing an expanded licensing agreement with Technosolutions in early 2019, Wikoff Color is now able to bring this innovative technology to the market in the form of Gelflex. Gelflex is a […]