How Can Asahi’s CleanPrint Help You? | Part 3: Folding Carton Edition

It’s no secret among printers that recycled board is not always a print-friendly substrate. Uneven surfaces, material porosity and color variations are just a few of the challenges presented by recycled substrates. So how do folding carton printers get around it? Typically the answer is to run the presses at slower speeds and increase the […]

What’s so special about Asahi photopolymer plates? We caught up with our Wikoff Graphics market manager to find out.

Wikoff Graphics is expanding on Wikoff Color’s vision of providing best-in-class products and unrivaled local support since 1956—adding a new product line of high performance photopolymer plates, processing equipment and imaging software. After careful consideration and research, Wikoff Graphics has assembled a team of partners to enhance our product and service offering. Asahi Photoproducts’ plate […]